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The Sunshine State Veterans Fund was established in 2014 to passionately advocate for our veterans and active-duty servicemen and women. We focus on providing dental services to low income veterans.

The Sunshine State Veterans Fund was developed by veterans for veterans.  In the few years of it's exsistence they have been able to bring together community leaders, business leaders and the private sector to help our very deserving servicemen and women with their dental needs.

Did you know, our servicemen and women are among the most overlooked and politically under-represented members of our global family. All gave some, some gave all. Your freedom comes with a heavy price tag. Find out how you can contribute to the care of our veterans through donations of money and/or time.

You can help us with our efforts by clicking on either one or both of the links below.  The Amazon Smiles link will contribute .5% of your purchase directly to our fund each time you make a purchase. Or you can make a contribution directly to our fund by clicking on our PayPal Link.
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Our Mission

Our mission at the Sunshine State Veterans Fund is to mobilize community support to provide essential services, and quality of life support, which are not provided in any other way to our military veterans. We accomplish this by bringing together public and private resources to provide services and support to veterans of the United States Military. 

Who We Help

Did you know, Florida has in excess of 1.6 million US Veterans?
This is the third largest veteran population in the nation behind California and Texas, according to the US census bureau.
Over 1 million of those veterans reside in Central and Northern Florida.

In addtion, Florida has the largest population of WWII veterans (>164,000).
75% of Florida veterans served during periods of conflict and nearly 250,000 Florida vets are disabled.

The Sunshine State Veterans Fund is committed to changing the lives of these men and women who have served bravely in the US Military.

We provide life enrichment services for those men and women who live at the Robert H. Jenkins VA Domicile in Lake City Florida, as well as provide much needed dental services to Military Veterans in areas around Central and Northern Florida.

The Sunshine State Veterans Fund is committed to expanding our services through out Florida but we need YOUR HELP!

Our Exisiting Programs

The Sunshine State Veterans Fund is reaching out through affiliated partners such as Langley Health Services & Palms Medical Group, to provide cost matching dental work to veterans. Did you know that unless you are 100% disabled as a veteran you do not receive ANY Dental benefits?
Dental Program
Robert H. Jenkins VA Domicile, Lake City FLorida
The Sunshine State Veterans Fund works closely with the Robert H. Jenkins Domicile in Lake City, Florida to offer much needed supplies to help enrich these veterans lives.

The veterans living at the Robert H Jenkins Domicile rely on  a monthly budget of $137 to meet all their needs outside of meals, medical and living space. Remember unless you are a 100% diabled veteran Dental care is not covered. This means that dental care and  all personal items for warmth, hygiene and general quality of life need to fit within that $137/mo budget.  Think about that for a moment, these veterans are expected to have a good quality of life on a mere $137.00/mo, Could you? DONATE NOW 
.Hoiiday Meals
Throughout the year we help to provide (7) made from scratch holiday meals, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Christmas Party, Super Bowl party, and Halloween for the residents at the Robert H. Jenkins Domicle, 
.Hydration Cart
For many residents who are on medications that increase the risk of dehydration, this cart is an enormous help. It augments drinks at meals and enables veterans to have hydration opportunities as needed, rather than it being budget-driven.
Special Events
Holiday Adopt a Vet
Several times throughout the year, in addition to our Holiday meals, we schedule special events and gatherings for the veterans at the Domicile.  This is a huge quality of life enrichment for them.
During the Christmas season, gift cards in $10 denominations are purchased from local businesses to provide some holiday cheer to the vets. The gift cards are for restaurants, groceries and other household goods.

Ways you can help!

In addition to Monetary Donations there are a number of ways that you can help the Sunshine State Veterans Fund in their mission to help our very deserving United States vetrans.

Are you a Dentist or Medical Professional?

The Sunshine State Veterans Fund would like the opportunity to discuss with you how you can partner with us in this very worthy cause.  We would be interested in discussing how your practice could help our Veterans with their dental and/or medical needs.  We are not asking for you to donate 100% of your time or practice but just offer your services at a reduced rate. Not only would we appreciate partnering with you but our Veterans would appreciate it also.  Don't they deserve it?
Feel free to contact us at or call us at (386).487-3744

Other Donations

Gifts of used and new clothing, toiletries, shoes, books, movies, and various creature comforts otherwise not provided are of great help. Donations of computers and printers are received with gratitude and meet many needs for veterans.

About Sunshine State Veterans Fund

The Sunshine State Veterans Fund is a 501c3 non-profit organization. 100% of your tax deductible donations go directly to fund services for veterans.. We utilize other resources to fund our administrative and internal expenses.

Please remember there are many opportunities to support and donate to the  Fund, and our servicemen and women will benefit from your generosity.
The Sunshine State Veterans Fund is currently working with business partners and donors to help veterans in Sumter County, Hamilton County, Columbia County, Marion County, Citrus County, Duvall County and other areas throughout Northern and Central Florida.  We really need your help to expand this program throughout the state of Florida.

Thank you!

Business Partners
Langley Health Services
Palms Medical Group - Lake City
Summerglen Veterans Club
Rotary Club of Villages Evening
American Legion Post 57
The Sunshine State Veterans Fund would like to Thank YOU! for taking the time and visiting our website today and in advance for your generocity.   In addition, we would like to acknowledge and thank all of our sponsors that have helped support us in our mission to make the lives of our military veterans better..
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