Serving our servicemen and women, active and retired.

​​Sunshine State Veterans Fund

The Sunshine State Veterans Fund is a 501c3 non-profit. All donations made are tax deductible. There are many opportunities to support and donate to the  Fund, and our servicemen and women will benefit in multiple ways from your generosity.

Here's how to help!


The Sunshine State Veterans Fund is pleased to announce our new AmazonSmile account is up and running!

Click this link before you shop and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the Sunshine State Veterans Fund.


To see our donation opportunities and to contribute in a meaningful way to the quality of life of our country's veterans, please click the "Make A Donation" button on our Home Page. That link will bring you to a PDF with many boxes to check, each a different and important contribution to our work.

Here is a brief description of what those boxes mean and how your donations will be used.


The Robert H. Jenkins Veterans Domiciliary benefits directly from all donations made in this column. The veterans living here rely on  a monthly budget of $137 to meet all their needs outside of meals, medical and living space. Dental care is not covered. This means that dental care and  all personal items for warmth, hygiene and general quality of life need to fit within that $137/mo budget.

Here is how you can direct your donation to their specific needs:

The Palms Medical Group, Lake City works with the SSVF to provide dental care for domicile residents.

In addition to monetary donations, gifts of used and new clothing, toiletries, shoes, books, movies, and various creature comforts otherwise not provided are of great help. Donations of computers and printers are received with gratitude and meets many needs for many people.

During the Christmas season, gift cards in $10 denominations for various local businesses are purchased to provide some holiday cheer to the vets. These include eating establishments, grocery and household goods stores.

Scratch-made meals served Mem Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Vets Day, Christmas (Am Legion Post 57, Lake City), Super Bowl, participatwtion in Autumn Halloween festival

For many, especially those on medications that can increase the risk of dehydration, this cart is an enormous help. It augments drinks at meals and pirchased drinks. This enable vets to have hydration opportunities as needed, rather than it being budget-driven.

Special events pub
Your gifts will directly fund special event gatherings for various holidays and annual events, in a downstairs room in the Domicile, unused but for your Donations. This is a huge quality of life need that we work hard to meet multiple times annually.


The Fund is expanding its efforts into the Jacksonville, FL area and will update the information associated with this column as we have it.

Coming soon.

Now that you have a clearer picture of the ways in which you can be of help, you can download, print and fill out the PDF (available at the link on our home page) noting the amounts to be disbursed to each category of your choice.

Mail to:

Sunshine State Veterans Fund, Inc.

250 NW Main Blvd., #3757
Lake City, FL 32055 

Attn: Donations

We thank you sincerely for your support!